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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Spring Leaves

Even though it's spring now, the weather was so gloomy for the last few days. It was raining and I missed the sunshine a lot. Auckland weather sucks aye... However today is such a beautiful day... This afternoon while I was waiting for a shuttle to get home, I was standing in the shade of some trees and when I looked up, the sky was blue and the tree leaves were shined through by the sunlight. "What a beautiful day!" I said.


Kalyan said...

yeah! wat a beautiful day! I miss such a day too. here it's been raining a lot too. i hate it!!!!

p+k said...

It should be dry season in cambodia now, isn't it?

Kenno said...

The contrast between the sky and the tree leaves are so nice. すごいですね。

Kalyan said...

well stil raining.. not yet real dry season but yeah it's coming soon :D m looking for the weather during the end of the year as it's cool :D