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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Just wanna say this is the nite :) I just got home from drinking with my Cambodian dudes, Itt, bong Sang, and others. I know i should hit the bed now but nah it's worth bloggin' first aye. After along time we drank together and a week of being vegetarian, I ate meat like a wild dog. I planned to go vegetarian for 2 weeks actually but everything didn't seem encouraging because I had to eat subway everyday, vege delight, and there was no other choice :( After drinking like 3 liters of Jim Beam we were headed to the city for supper while some wanted to go to UpTown hehe but managed to go to Mandarin Seafood restaurant. The driver, Itt, drove like we were in a race or something, made a few handbrakes and I was like coool but they said I was scared maybe because I was focusing on something and it made me look like I was paranoid about the driving but no hehe. We drove back to the place we drank and I got my car driving back home. On the way, I wished I had 2 pieces of sticky tape that could hold my upper eyelids open but yeah finally i'm back home safe and blogging. We had a few arguments while we were drinking but it was good to talk things out and say sorry for the inconvenience we made. The best things was giving each other hugs after arguing and the sorrow and pain were washed away after all. Ok, I still have work tomorrow. It's time now so yeah good nite everyone, sweet dream!!!
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Sunday, November 26, 2006


Where to start? Umm... well the most visible thing is the hostel is so darn quiet and dead. I hardly see other people except my 4 flatmates and most of the time is Girishee. I just made another attempt to stop smoking again and try to cut down on drinking as well. I know it's not a good time of the year to take that actions but if we wanna do something the right time to do it is now, right now. Hopefully it works for the smoking but not for the drinking because lately I've been going out with my colleagues quite a lot and it's all about drinking.

It's like this all day long

Almost-empty carpark

Girshee greets me with Haka

For the closing of the post, I'd like to put this song on "Besame Mucho", means "kiss me a lot" by Andrea Bocelli. It's been my favorite song since the beginning of the second semester of this year.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

New Place

The picture below is my new bedroom. It doesn't look different from my previous though, just the position of the bed. I went through one night already and it was a sleepless night. I don't know whether it was because of a new place or the sound of snoring from both sides of the walls. One of my next is a girl and another one is a guy, of course the guy is much louder hehe. I used my ear-plugs but it couldn't help much heheh. I decided to chat to some friends (still had my ear-plugs on) and went back to bed around 3am and finally fell asleep after about half an hour.

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Sunday, November 19, 2006


I've just moved out to a new apartment but not to somewhere far away. It's just a few blocks away from the old one. It took me the whole morning to move out and also clean the apartment since there were 5 people were staying but there were only 2 people did the cleaning I guess that explains a lot but the worst part is not about the cleaning and moving, it is because I got emotional just before moving out :( It would have been better if I moved to Cambodia but this case is like I moved from my second home to a new home. The reason because I have been staying there for 3 years now. And there's a lot of memory in it. Even now as I'm typing I started to feel uncomfortable again.
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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Just A Thought

Let imagine this person loves you so much and you are two in a relationship. He sacrifices everything for you, his time and his energy. He loves no one but you, he thinks about you every minute and he prays for you. He spends his all his years waiting for no one or nothing but you and he is always be there when you need him or when you are down. But you know how it feels like for him if you cheat on him? I know you might not know that feeling because you are not a victim.

If you can't visualize it in your head, try the other way around. Close your eyes and imagine if you love this person so much. He means the world to you. You forget and forgive how bad he has done to you, you sincerely appreciate everything he does for you and you are about to risk everything for him and one day you find him cheating behind your back. How would you feel about it? Hurtful?

If you are about to play or have played this game with someone who loves you, please think about it again because in the end when your colorful shell cracks and falls down that's when everyone turns away, he/she is the only one who will embrace you with love and compassion till forever.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

From My Window

In response to Waz's post, I've just posted 3 photos (below) taken from my window.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Why Windows Sucks?

I personally don't like Windows for some reasons. After using for a while it's getting slow and at one point it gets very frustrating. If you talk about graphic, it sucks and the worst thing is it crashes from time to time. Whenever you need to jump on the net, make sure you have anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall software. However, it's not guaranteed that your computer is 100% safe from threats. The other day I was wondering what happen if I google "why windows sucks". I tried it and it came up with alot of items with that phrase or at least "windows sucks". Here are 2 of them which I found quite informative.
1. Why windows vista will suck
2. Why windows sucks
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