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Monday, July 25, 2005

Drawing with Light

Which one you like the most?

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Sunday, July 24, 2005


This is a small program (it should be a utility instead). Histometer is what i call it. It is just to plot a histogram of exposure of a photo in digital form (yeah, it has to be a digital photo).

My motivation, well, I was just tired to open a large program like Adobe Photoshop and just to use one utility, called 'Level', in that software package and close it. You know, it takes a while for a computer like mine, or even a fast one, to load that software so i decided to write my own program just to do that thing.

Thanks to Soputtra for telling how to histogram works and for remotely keeping me company during the writing of that program.

Tool: Visual C# (.NET)
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Saturday, July 23, 2005

ASV Carpark With A Clear Sky

For those who don't know ASV is Akoranga Student Village. It looks quiet because most of residents are still on holiday. AUT starts next week while AU started already.

A view from my window

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My New Digi Camera

I bought it yesterday. It's Panasonic DMC-FZ5. Damn, I was so stuck in decision making. There's another one I wanted to buy also, it's Casio Exilim EX-505. They have different features that so impress me much. FZ5 has 12x optical zoom, which is great, and image stabilization system. For EX-505, its outstanding features are 1cm macro and MPEG4 movie shooting and believe me the EX-505 camera body is such a boom. Thing is EX-505 has only 5x optical zoom and, plus, I've read through a few online review all said FZ5 had better picture quality. And, plus, i've also browse through many photography magazine and most of them had FZ5's ads and reviews but not EX-505. Finally, I decided to take FZ5.

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

A Night @ Home

Everyone's out. I'm alone in my room. Well, I'm on wikipedia reading an article related to my course of study (Prolog), it is a logic programming, something to do with Artifial Intelligence, computer stuff in a way. At the same time, I have my third bottle of Heineken just right in front of me. Hehe, it's the my most common way for killing time. What else I can do? Hanging out with friends, going out to movie, clubbing,... Alright, they're abit more interesting than what I am doing now but it cost money hehe. Actually, I have been hanging out with friends quite alot lately. So, I better stay home today and do some reading, at least it helps me get to know more.

Well, we're going to Taupo again tomorrow with my Cambodian mates. It's gonna be many more people than the last time hehe. It's gonna be fun too, I hope so. See, today is the only day i stay at home all since the holiday started. Alrighty, I'am off now. I'll try to sleep, I know it's too early but I have to get like at 6:00am tomorrow and I have nothing to do as well.
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Saturday, July 09, 2005

A trip to Taupo, New Zealand

Just to post some photos taken in Taupo. It was more like a roadtrip.
We went up to Whakapapa moutain and stayed in Taupo town for one night.
On the way back, we dropped by Rotorau for polynesia spa and Hamilton for dinner, Khmer Satay restaurant.

Trip Date: 2/July/2005
Location : Taupo, North Island, New Zealand
Companies: Itt, Bong Tou, and Thy


Taupo Lake

A Road to Whakapap

A View from Far Away

Ski Field for Beginner

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The Start

I've created my blog just now. It better starts off with photos of my messy table. Well, It's all naturally the way my table looks like, no setting up or anything. This gives you an idea of what kinda person am I, doesn't it? Hehe picture tells millions words ;)

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Friday, July 08, 2005


Author [ p+k ]

Hometown Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Location Auckland, New Zealand

Job Student

Industry Computer Science

Interests Programming, Photography and all the Graphic stuff.

Favorite quote "Imagination is more important than knowledge" by Albert Einstein

- Powerbook G4 12"
- IBM Thinkpad t30 (Borrowed)
- 19" ViewSonic LCD (VA1912wb)
- Canon EOS Kiss Digital N
- Rolleicord III type 2
- Canon 15-55mm (kit lens)
- Canon 50mm 1.8f
- Tokina 28-70m
- Canon IXY digital 10 (aka sd1000 or ixus70)
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Thursday, July 07, 2005


My avatars

My hostel friends and I

Blog banners

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