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Thursday, July 14, 2005

A Night @ Home

Everyone's out. I'm alone in my room. Well, I'm on wikipedia reading an article related to my course of study (Prolog), it is a logic programming, something to do with Artifial Intelligence, computer stuff in a way. At the same time, I have my third bottle of Heineken just right in front of me. Hehe, it's the my most common way for killing time. What else I can do? Hanging out with friends, going out to movie, clubbing,... Alright, they're abit more interesting than what I am doing now but it cost money hehe. Actually, I have been hanging out with friends quite alot lately. So, I better stay home today and do some reading, at least it helps me get to know more.

Well, we're going to Taupo again tomorrow with my Cambodian mates. It's gonna be many more people than the last time hehe. It's gonna be fun too, I hope so. See, today is the only day i stay at home all since the holiday started. Alrighty, I'am off now. I'll try to sleep, I know it's too early but I have to get like at 6:00am tomorrow and I have nothing to do as well.

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