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Monday, March 20, 2006

One Thing I Don't Like About Nokia N70

I have this Nokia N70 fone for 3 months now. It's like I like everything about it but except one thing. I'm a texting type of person I do heaps of texting comparing to making calls. This is the thing that got me so disappointed about this model of nokia fone, it is related to UI (User Interface). You know when you go to screen where it has items, in list view or grid view. Take message inbox screen as an example. In message inbox screen, there's an indication, which looks like a scrollbar on Window except you can't drag and scroll it like you do with window. This indicator appears when the number of text messages don't fit in one screen. It is very handy it shows you where about you're in the list of messages, you're on top, near the top, middle, close to the buttom, or at the buttom of the list. It also lets you know when you have jump from the buttom of the list to the top. Well, n70s do not have that indicators and it really sucks. When I have a large list of messages I usually get lost.

I'm wondering why they had to strip off this feature from this model. Like this UI element has been introduced in years ago. I saw it since I had my first fone. Actually, I never thought it would be so this important when it was there but now I know how useful it is.


Kenno said...

You're lucky to own N70, I want one too. :P Well, the scroll bar feature would be nice, but I'm completely okay without it. I've been using S60 mobile for a few years now, and I never notice that missing feature. :)

p+k said...

coz u don't text much i guess hehe.

waz said...

dude, you get lost!?!?
that's ok...see the quote from lost: strugglin is nature's way 4 u to get stronger! muhahahahahahaha!!!