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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Morning Light

One of my friend, Ith, and I didn't sleep for the whole night while other friends were sleeping in the cars. We had driven to many different places in Wellington to find a place to stay but all places were not available. We also went up to mount Victoria and then come back down to Oriential bay in the morning like 7am for the refreshment. We had to wait until 11am to get in a hotel which was booked by another friend of mine's fiancée. The funny thing was she booked the hotel from Oz instead. The morning light at Oriental bay revitalised and kept us going for another 5 more hours.


Sopha said...

What a romantic view! U should hav been there with s.o special than with ur friends, p+k... :D

p+k said...

I wish I could.