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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Today's Roadtrip

We had another roadtrip today accompanied by Itt, Sang, and Bex. We headed South Auckland to Mangatangi dam and Waihihi bay. There's nothing special about this trip actually. We made it because I were bored and didn't know what to do. During a drinking session last night, Itt suggested that we should go to these places. It started off with a sunny sky but ended with a gloomy weather. Oh it wasn't too bad though because everyone seemed to be happy after all and I enjoy taking photos in any lighting condition so yeah and another thing is today is my first day after 1 year that I haven't eaten Hamburger heheh. Each of us took quite a lot of photos, I won't post all the photos in this post but here are 3 from me ;)

One side of the dam

Anoter side of the dam

Waihihi bay


Sopha said...

Great shots! I like them... thanks for sharing P+K.. ;)

pr said...

great shots.
great color on the bay shot.

p+k said...

Thank you 2 :)

samphors said...

thanks to me too, pk, cos i do appreciate ur talent of taking such a nice shot hehehe... seriously, i love viewing ur pics here :D

Kalyan said...

i must visit there and take nice shots like u one day hahahhaha

p+k said...

Phors: yes, thank you hehe.

Kaly: really? come then but it don't have to be here to take a nice picture :p

Kalyan said...

cos i don have the skill! so i need nice view to make my photos look nice lolz :p