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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mr. Supa Slow

Every time I see a snail (of course not the one without a shell) it reminds me of one of the old time stories, the race between a rabbit and a snail. Ya'll know who won the race, right?


Almong said...

rabbit and snail's race?
what a funny! korean one, ours is rabbit and turtle**
well? who won the game?
did i say my recent story?
the rabbit died by heart attack because of big run..and the snail got shorterm memory..so wondering still where is going..kk

p+k said...

Heheh funny but our story doesn't go like that. Well, I can't remember exactly tho. The main thing is the rabbit lost the race because he was so arrogant thus underestimate the situation. It's a children story kinda thing.

samphors said...

It's two different stories. ALl include rabbit and the race. However one is a long race (with turtle) but another one is a race around the pond (with snail). Does this help???

p+k said...

I know the story i mentioned is the race between the rabbit and the snail but i can't remember what did they bet on? It would help much more if you can write the whole story here or post it in your blog :) thanks in advance.