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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Starry Starry Night

I was fixing my pc and suddenly the electricity was out. I thought I must have done something wrong with the power plug but then I looked out the window everywhere is so dark. The electricity was cut off again (by again I mean this is not the first time. ) but i don't know it was just this area (northcote) or the whole North Shore city. Then I walked out of the apartment and looked up the sky and I could see the stars so clearly. So I thought it would be a good time to shoot the sky hehe. Well, I did. I swapped my camera lens to 50mm 1.8f because of all my lenses this one is the fastest one (means can take more light thus works well in low light condition), set the shutter speed to 30 sec, put the camera to self-timer mode and put the camera face up on the bench (I can't afford a tripod yet). It didn't turn out nice after all :(


Anonymous said...

umm..this photo reminds me of the song"starry srarry night".hope u know thins..vincent van gogh something the singer said..

**this is momo**

p.s which star(planet)is belong to you or r u from? kk

p+k said...

Van Gosh is not a singer :p he's a painter but one of his works titled "Starry Night" and I like that paintings too ;)

Which star am i from? i don't know. Mars I guess coz i'm a guy :D

Anonymous said...

hehe i know van gouh's famous painter. that's why the singer called him in that song^^

he was thinking of the artist-van gouh who done "starry night art work-painting" while he was watching starry night in real world.that's the plot of the song kk..