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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Internet Explorer is discriminating?

For some stupid reason, IE doesn't render my blog at all. Not only does it not show my page correctly, it doesn't even show my blog at all. Oh come on IE, at least show me something so I can track the bug and fix it, it can't be that bad. I've tested my blog with firefox 2 (mac and windows version), Opera 9, and Safari and they all work fine except that stupid IE. I know most of the viewers use IE so for now I've just changed my template temporarily. Why don't people switch to other browsers? When IE comes with Windows, it doesn't mean it's the best application and you have to use it. Don't be afraid of change. I don't need to say why you should switch to some other web browser besides IE because this site (http://browsehappy.com/) explains it all.


waz said...

pff...n u call yourself programmer/ IT student? :P give me your certificate! :P lol

p+k said...

The whole point of this post is IE sucks. Of course, I can fix it but i am just trying to say that it's not a good application since it didn't say what went wrong.

Kenno said...

I was experiencing the same error when I tried to access your blog from IE for the past week. There was no alternative browswers from the terminal I had accessed your blog from.

I'm using IE7 to read this blog from a friend's machine and it seems it's working okay now.

By the way, "Hello from Melbourne"!