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Monday, July 16, 2007

Menu Icons

My old blog template was messed up. In fact, it was quite heavy to load as some people complained so I thought I better start again with this template and try to keep it as light and simple as possible. I've made a few changes to the new template now and I'll do more later coz I'm so not free at the moment. In addition, I've also drawn 3 menu icons as you can see below.

If you happen to like the icons, feel free to download and use them. if you want Photoshop versions of these icons, let me know.


Wanna said...

At last, simple wines... :)
Cute and fancy icons, anyways! You're good at designing.

p+k said...

Not so, I just know a few simple rules of design and I have a love for design and creativity, that's all. I wish I was better than that. Frankly, your weblog looks better than mine :)

Daravuth said...

awesome icons!!! Good job..

VuthaSurf said...

That is good design, but it is not clear a little bit and hurt eyes. You can make it light.

p+k said...

@vuthasurf: brighter?