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Sunday, April 08, 2007

My New Toy (Canon IXY Digital 10)

Yeah, I finally bought a new point and shoot camera yesterday. The reason why I decided to buy a P&S camera is because I can't take my DSLR with me all the time since it's too bulky. Ok here's a little review of mine.

Body design (squarish - thaaat i like)
Easy to use
Vibrant colors
Small enough to take with you everywhere
Variety of built-in functions

Doesn't work well in low light condition (while most people said it does)
With ISO 1600, photos are unusable for me
Sharpness is not that good

Here are some test shots. They're straight out of the camera except for some resizing. (Click to enlarge)


Kenno said...

Kewl toy. I got my friend the Canon IXUS 55, and she likes it. I think this one (IXUS70) will be even better.

p+k said...

I like it too but kinda disappointed with some of the things maybe I expected too much from it. well, overall it's good enough. It's sported with some new features like DIGIC3, face detection (7 or 9 faces in a frame but i don't use it coz it's kinda annoying sometimes), color accent and color swap (I don't use this 2 feature either since i can't do it much better in post-production.) I would be much happier if it provided image stabilizer. Well, i can't complain tho since there's no such thing is as perfect.

Meta said...

i am thinking to go for a DSLR but still can't decide which model to go. could you recommend one? i am thinking about canon D20 or XTi rebel

p+k said...

It depends on what kinda of photographer you are or you want to be. Actually, XTi label (aka D400) is more like traveler camera but if you are amateur photographer you should go for D20 (for me I would prefer D30) or you can wait for awhile for D40 which is the next generation of D30 (aka XT label).

p+k said...

For more information on cameras, you should read more review at http://www.dpreview.com and http://www.macworld.com

william said...

I just bought this camera and am really disappointed in the pictures in low light which get dark cornering. Do you know how i might be able to adjust the camera so it doesn't do this?

p+k said...

@william: in that case, you need to set the ISO explicitly, for example, 100 or 200.