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Friday, June 09, 2006

Today Exam

It turned out that I miss alot of stuff. We were all supposed to get all seminar papers written by everyone in the class b'coz it was gonna turn up in the exam and they were sent by email but damn' I didn't get any at all, it's just weird. I just found out from a friend of mine before the exam began. After knowing it, I was so nervous, frustrated, and mad with my lectures and I was so gonna email them after the exam. The exam questions came out. After a few minutes of reading, I was like *phew* hehe. We had like 10 (as the number of students in the class) and we had to pick one of 'em to answer. I scanned all the seminar questions and found one that I was familiar with. The other 3 questions were taken from the class notes. Even more lucky one of that 3 questions was so related to this post. Man, i was so lucky. Howeva, I didn't do well for the rest so I guess it was just ok. All questions were kinda "discuss" type so we had to write and write and it was killing my hand. I don't use my handwriting at in the last few years. Too bad eh.

Anyways, 2006 world cup's first match is on tomorrow morning here, 3am. My roommate, Wazi, asked me to get up and watch it but don't know if I'll be able to get up or not and someone wanted to bet lolz. Oh gosh, I should be doing my reading for the next exam on 12th but still procrastinating here lolz.

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