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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Why Sketch?

You branstorm for ideas, make a composition for your painting, design a logo, draw a diagram for your computer program or entity diagram for your new database, design a new website or even write an essay, you should start with a pencil and a paper and you start sketching or scribbling, will you? You and I might know sketching an important process in planning all sorts of things but not why is it so important, right? I didn't know why until a few days ago. This class was talking about the transition from paper to paperless system. To make the story short, later on it came to sketching. I wrote down the note and here are the reasons:

1. Most people are NOT good at manipulating visual image in brains. So, it's a better idea to visualize that image on paper and make changes to it.

2. Sketch talks back to us. It tells us more when we sketch like what we lack of because it can be seen and it's easy to know what is missing.

3. Our short-term memory is very limited. New ideas just pop up in your head and some of them will disappear in short time. Sketching is fast so you can quickly record your idea on a piece of paper before they're gone.

4. Sketch is unfinished product so when it's presented we tend to change it thus it will be improved throught modification. A display that is nicely drawn and colorful to most people, they don't wanna change it because psychologically they think it's a finished product and they tend to skip what is needed to modify.


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