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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Another Rotorua Trip

Waken up by a phone call from Itt, my Cambodian mate, he asked me to join the trip to Rotorau as we planned in a week before but I didn't feel like want to go at first because I was drunk the day before and other things as well but finally I was convinced . We six people were headed to Rotorua at about 10am. It was just a one day trip so it was quite late and I didn't think I would be fun. We arrived there and the first place we went to was a Lake, I don't know what it's called. Since it's short trip we couldn't do anything much. So we decided just to have paddle boat race. It was killing our legs but it was so fun hehe. And then we went to a park and there was a museum but we didn't go in anyway just walked around in the park. After that, we got to Polynesian spa but man there was a lot people there, tourists actually. The spa was crowded by people. Everyone of us was so hungry after that so we dropped by a Korean restaurant but the first idea was fast food. The food was really nice. It's maybe first best Korean restaurant I've ever been to or maybe I was just too hungry. And the last place was natural thermal area where they have boiling mud and it's smoking in the ground. After all it was such a fun trip. Actually there are so many things to do and places to say. So I want to go again but I gotta save some money first :)

Paddle boat (this one is for kids)

Pony ride


Forgot to read the stone so I don't know who is it

Just another rose garden

Natural thermal area


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