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Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Dinner Party

Finally decided to join a Christmas dinner party with my colleagues from Bisco at Nick's house. We were supposed to get to the place earlier but Joe's idea was to take a shortcut but ended up taking more time as usual lolz. We started with some drink from juice to wine and followed by a big meal and finished by pavlova and more drink. Yesss finally I got to try pavlova after almost 4 years in New Zealand.

[Click to enlarge] Some of Bisco team - Danung (position?), Chris (researcher), Jolie (Graphic Design), and me

Nick's baby Loyal

Pavlova with ice-cream and strawberries

Random plant :)


Hans said...

Hope you had a nice time ;) yeah it's holidazzzzzzzzzzzzz let's enjoy ourselves.......

p+k said...

THanks dude. Yeah it's holiday :) been having a good time lately. I hope you enjoy your holiday too.