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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bad Luck is The Beginning of Good Luck

I was stressed out by my passport thingy for a few hours in the morning but then I got cheered up by my colleague Ada. Thanks to her for cheering me up and for the some inspirational advices :) and also for making sure that I didn't go back to think about that passport thingy again for the whole day. At lunch time, we all the colleagues excepts the boss went out for lunch in Vietnamese restaurant. And at dinner we went out together again this time we went to Chinese restaurant and the food was really nice I couldn't help gobbling the food hehe. The funniest thing was 2 of the guys looked so nervous because one is Indian guy he never wanted to tried anything new apart from curry and the other is Taiwanese, Joseph, he couldn't take spicy food and we ordered spicy ones and that was Ada's plan to make fun of Joe. That's kinda mean but I know he didn't mind. They were like they were gonna go for exam or something lolz. Oh just after the dinner, we got to see the Santa Parade in the area. We didn't know about that but we just came in the right time. After that, we went off to a pub for some drinks for a few hours more and the last thing was playing pool in the city. It's such a fun day but yeah there was a few things I that I realize now that I shouldn't have done. Sometimes you don't know what are you doing until you come back to yourself and think back to what you have done but well it's over now so I'll try not to do the same mistakes again. G'nite everyone.

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