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Sunday, January 14, 2007

By The River


Almong said...

the first photo reminds me of
baby rice(before rice plant ripen-spell right?)
hey me happy ur lovely girl coming sooooon..++++++++++++++random thought!

i like green thingy always. u know that green color also very good for eye health, but not from on computer display.:P see out side, oki?!

my friends say it's hard to write comment on my blog(hard entering)me gave up teaching them-they are very analogue personalities,
so they check it and send me
through h+email and blame of the language..kk like below-
why is ur english is still elemantry!
my excuse goes like this..
"sometimes simplisty is the best "
no need to speak a lot.. don't you think so?


Almong said...

what a lazy and naughty excuse i created for that question!:P

starfish said...

Nice shots man!

p+k said...


AnythingAtAll said...

Yes it is a nice shot.

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Anonymous said...

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