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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Everybody Like To Be Cared & Heard

I think, not just me, everyone wants to feel cared and heard all the time especially from the one you love. What good is love when you don't care about each other and importantly when you are away from each other. Take an hour each day to show the one you love that you care won't take all of your time and space. Saying you're busy is such a lame excuse. Even 10 minutes or so each day will do to show that you are really there for him, to show that you think about him every single day. Saying that you care alone is not enough because people care about actions not the words. Have you ever heard of a song called "more than words"? Anyone can say anything but doing it makes the impact. The same as friends. You can tell which one is your true friend only when you're in trouble as in for lovers when they are away from each other.

Quotes of the days:
- "You don't know what you've got until it's gone"
- "Everything has its limit"


Sopheak D.V. Loung said...

Well, Dude. I agree with you indeed. Saying that it was busy is not good execuse at all. I think everyone needs an own time and space but a couple should give each other amount of time for sharing emotion and feeling as well. Long distance relation is tough. I know you can do it buddy. Keep working hard while finding someone who we love is really hard indeed. Be positive is great thing to acheive for last long relationship I think.

Spring Onion said...

yahh..everyone like to be care....emm it is not imagination at all..it is all about my feeling..some time it is hard to move on even you know that everything is impossible...anyway what do u think about my writing?? is that alright if u want to be a poet? lolzz

p+k said...

I am no life coach or anything but I've learned from others and myself. I know it's hard to move on because being a human we have a lot of attachments. Considering you have the problem I had and we from the same place. I just wanna give it a try and help as much as I can. Here's the thing, after I broke up with my first gf I was badly traumatized. I felt like there was nothing left for me. Woke up almost every nite felt like crying. Is it bad? My self-esteem was degraded and I didn't talk to anyone and seek for help either. I just kept it to myself. I lived in the dark for years but finally I realized it's not worth doing that anymore.

First, you gotta tell yourself you're not alone there are so many people who have and had the same problems and so why they can move on and why can't u?

Secondly, ask yourself whether you love yourself or not? You should love yourself the most because if you don't then who's gonna love you. If you love yourself then why you keep yourself falling so deep? You wanna see yourself this way? You know that you're special? You were born with a unique DNA structure unless you have an identical twin but still the way think are still different. See? you're special so you gotta value yourself and love yourself more and more.

And then you should understand that there's no one's fault AT ALL. There's no one to blame. You can't be together is just a matter of incompatibilities. And don't blame yourself either but you gotta be responsible for everything you've done. If you put yourself into this situation then you're responsible to put yourself out of this.

Fourthly, u should know that there's always someone be there for you. They are willing to put off your pain inside. Your parents, your bros and sis and your friends are all by your side. They cry when when you cry. They're sad when you're sad. It's too much for them already. Stop hurting them and yourself. It's time to put a stop sign to what you have been holding on.

And finally, There's so many opportunities out there. There are so many good people out there. You're likely to find a better guy. Give yourself chances to be happy and to be yourself again.

Wake up and stop waiting for the thing that's not worth waiting for. And make sure that you won't fall back into the same unhealthy path again. Don't let the history repeat.

I hope it helps :D

p+k said...

Oh it's totally fine if you want to be a poet :D and I can be your biggest fan hehe.

Anonymous said...

I really like what you said here. It happen to most persons not only i think. You are really stronge you can accept the real and let your life go on in a new happy path...cheer you up...