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Monday, January 08, 2007

Spiky Thingy

Saw this baby hedgehog in the backyard.


Almong said...

sooooooo qute*'*:P
what do you wanna do with it? steam or deep fry? kk

p+k said...

deep fry sounds better lolz but it's too cute to be eaten heheh.

Almong said...

so then, choose what kind of dipping sauce? sweet chille? or musturd? yogurt, french dressing..umm..my fav blue cheezzze cream..?

hope you feel better..
bro, think your mind like.. this "flowing like a river..and it leads to sea someday."

hope you see the big picture for you and she, not only right now. the fate shows the real when the time comes,oki^^ am i writing 2 long? and find the greek myth of love story from internet. so interesting."psyche"-put this word in wekidipia something-(me not know the search site name exactly)

Almong said...

umm..one more amusing idea^^
you said it "spiky thingy.." like your hair style?kk :P(what? not funny?..)me=hopeless with humor.

p+k said...

lolz. Grrrrrr u make fun of me. heheh nah it's funny :D

Meet up sometimes ok, coffee or movie.
See you around.