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Thursday, October 06, 2005


I know I have found you, a love not a lust
You opened up my eyes to a whole new world
I started to realize that what I have had and come acrossed was the effect of desire
It was all like illusion, it comes and goes
And now there you are here
And what I wanna say won't come out of my mouth
Maybe tomorrow it is the right time for me to tell you

Will you believe me if I say love you?
Will you accept me and let me in?
I know it sounds so ridiculous to you but it is so true
Does a month or a year help me to prove that this is real?
Or even longer than that?

People say that time can prove everything
It will prove what I am giving you now is from my heart
But what if I disappear forever by the end of today
Whether you will believe me or not
Whether you will accept me or not
It'll be all useless, it'll be all in vain
Everything will become just a memory
A memory of a horrendous mistake that we made.


Kalyan said...

cool! is it a poem? Ur poem?

...: y0uR LiL SiS :... said...

Um...o0o0o0hhh I know who that is forrrrr...HMMMMMMM *touches nose* I wonder...BONG!!! Tehehehehehehe. Lalalala la la la..so tell me what you accidentally poked and grabbed ;-) is it what I think it is?? Huh huh huh

p+k said...

I wrote it last nite. Is it a poem? I don't know hehe it just suddenly poped out of my head and I started writing it.


p+k said...

Oun, I think you're wrong this time hehe. I'll tell you later. Muahahha.

...: y0uR LiL SiS :... said...

Oh ok...well whatever..shurr shurr