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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Heading North

These are some photos taken on a trip to Up North of New Zealand on [1/oct/2005].

North Land

North Land Landscape



Free Air

This is Where 2 Oceans Meet

The Bay

The Ocean

Cape Reinga Lighthouse


From the Top


What Flower is it?


Kalyan said...

Nice pics here... the flower looks quite like lotus...

p+k said...

Hehe thanks.

pr said...

Nice shots.
Nice representation of NZ.

p+k said...

Is it? Thanks bro.

M|O|N|G|K|O|L said...

U r so talented.. Pls teach me some of ur photo skills when u r back.. :P

p+k said...

Hehe I just point-and-shoot. All the photos in this post there are only 2 that i like (the one with 'lighthouse' and 'insect' captions). the others are kinda crap. I don't mind telling what I know anyways hehe.

M|O|N|G|K|O|L said...

Thanks so much in advance my kind bro.. :) See u soon..