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Monday, October 17, 2005


I have been lying on my bed thinking of what have happened so far
And there is always a picture of you flicking between my every thought
It is maybe the reason why I could not be losing sleep
I am now asking myself questions again
Why am I thinking of you? Was it real you that I met?
Or is it real you who I am waiting for right now?
Today is just another day I feel down and lonely
Which yesterday I was very content because you made me so.

You pulled me up from you a dark side of life
You brought the sun to my cloudy day
You showed what is life supposed to be
I started to smile again
I thought you had changed my life forever since that day

But then today everything changed again
It's all upside down, in a way that I could not believe it
You made me believe that everything you gave was true
You gave me hope but now you took it all away
And now you show me that it was just a dream, it was so unreal
And I have to accept the fact that I am brought to where I was ignored
to where I was left alone, to where I was abandoned.


Waz said...

bro, have "laser surgery" :P



1st Blog

Girl, your words came as a series of little stabs,
Stabs so sharp and cold, it tore away my illusion,
Illusion of heart felt love,
Love that gave me hope for months,
Months turning into years,
Years that gripped my existence with those feelings,
Feelings that made me cling to those precious memories of you,
Feelings that I've kept hidden like a forbidden flower.
A flower in a boy's heart?
Flower that was about to blossom,
But it was stabbed even b4 it could reveal itself,
And crushed under the stabber's feet like it was a banana peel... [he he]

But at least you've freed me from that prison called illusion,
Illusion that you loved me as much as I love you,
You happened to stab those chains that handcuffed me to void daydreams,
Daydreams of your eyes that I thought, contained love for me...

Those words, they stabbed me one by one.
Each with a deeper, tear calling pain,
Pain that weakens the power of words.
But the stab came as a blessing in disguise: I'm free now.
I'm cut in and out, but I won't let the scar remain either.
I'll go for laser surgery, if needed, to remove any trace of you.

And yes, it happens to be autumn,
When trees are shedding each of their leaves.
I'll reproduce an internal autumn within me.
And you'll be out of my life b4 summer.


.: yOuR LiL SiS :. said...

Bong, I'm feeling not so good this morning (12:31am) and I'm not sure why. I agree with waz bc0z..u doooo need laser surgery to focus ur eyes on thing that are worth focusing on. Such as the beauty within urself that u try and turn a blind eye to. No words can ever explain what u are feeling deep inside, but the promises u gave to urself about forgetting and avoiding remains to be proven worthy of the word (OMG I don't know what I'm saying!). Anyways...ur love for a certain is like an addiction- u just can't seem to stop thinking, dreaming, 'fantasising' about that person. It seems as though ur mind somewhat entered a realm that only consists of that individual and no matter what u do or try and do...no result has come of it. Names, places and bad memories may be forgotten, but ur feelings resemble the seasons...its a cycle of recurring feelings.

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