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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Anti-Smoke Campaign

This's why guys shouldn't be smoking.


waz said...

y the f u smoke then?
still hopin the soya milk will help u?

p+k said...

No, I don't smoke. I stop smoking a month now. And no again, I stop drinking soya milk like 4 months. Why asking about soya milk? It's just the taste because I don't like(cow) milk so I drink it instead.

Kenno said...

LOL, glad I don't smoke. ^_^

p+k said...

Kenno: when you're gonna have internet @home?

Kenno said...

I think, I'll get it connected sometimes next week. :( Not that I don't wanna have it fast, but I need two things: 1. wireless modem, 2. creditcard/checkcard to pay bill online. Suck!

Wanna said...

Lucky me that I don't smoke, hehe... Very creative ads ;-)
Anyways, could you please change my link at ur blog to http://xwanna.blogspot.com/


p+k said...

ok bro.

Anonymous said...

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