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Monday, May 08, 2006

Boredom is killing

I've been sitting here in my room all day today *sigh* was trying to finish these 2 assignments. I was supposed to go out and party with friends coz one of my friends is leaving for Cambodia on Monday but I couldn't because if I didn't finish 'em today I would be in big trouble for sure. Well, after I finished these assignments all my friends went out to city already I really want to go but 1) i don't have my car with me now and 2) I don't wanna bother any one of them to come and pick me up. I'm just so so so bored. No word could explain how bored I am right now. Supposedly, I shouldn't be home after finishing these big assignments. I should be out and get pissed.


waz said...

u r always bored bro!
i think u got somekind of disease...

p+k said...

I don't always get bored. I only get bored when i'm bored lolz.

vutha said...

if you got bored a lot. you can be stressed out. So that you should allocate time for relaxing.

p+k said...

Thanks bro. That's how we do but we don't have time to do it and when we have time to do it just don't work heheh or maybe I have some kinda disease like Waz just said.

Anyways, I've just visited your blog. You have sucha nice blog. Oh I saw of photo of my friend on your flickr too. He works for Open Forum too. His name is Taro.