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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Who's gonna win FIFA world cup 2006?

I went to attend a usability study yesterday afternoon, which I had to play with some software and they captured the screen in order the see how users interact with some certain objects on the screen and that test was prepared by my classmate and mine is today. Well, it's not about it. After the expirement, there're some questions related to the expirement except the last question. The question was "Who's gonna win the world cup in Germany?" I was like what was that supposed to mean hehe. The guy who set up the test is from Germany so not to disappoint him, my answer to the question was "Obviously, not Cambodia" and then i handed the questionnaire paper back to him. You know what, the first thing he checked was that question. "Come on, I want the country name that will win the game" he said to me. And I was like "Okkk". Without saying the name of the country which I think they're gonna win, I spelled B R A Z I L. The last thing he said was why everyone picks Brazil. Hehehe.

Team Brazil [source]


pr said...

Country that is anal about football?

Maybe too predictable.

p+k said...

I don't blame the players though coz there are many outside factors that contribute to their performances.

Anonymous said...

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