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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What a tiring day!

I got home at 2am in the morning. I was hanging out with friends at their place and bubble tea shop even thought I got a presentation to make tomorrow. After I got home I had some apartment chores to do. I had to clean the bathroom but it was too late and everyone was sleeping so I thought I should clean the sink and toilet first and left the shower for tomorrow morning. After finishing the cleaning, I started to work on my presentation slides, which I hadn't done anything at all. After a few hours I finished it *phew* but I was too dead and I thought I wasn't gonna to able to give the talk so I emailed my lecturers with powerpoint file as an attachment and said I wasn't gonna turn up for my talk and hoped that they would give me some marks as I had done the slides. Just after, I hit the bed but couldn't sleep at all. I got up and surfed the net for while before hitting the bed again. I set alarm to 9am and went off to bed again. I wake up at 8am so it was like only an hour sleep. I got up and checked the email. I got an email from one of the 2 lecturers of the course saying I had to give speech otherwise I got no points at all in presentation part. I was like ok. I went to shower and did the shower cleaning at the same time. I got out of the shower, changed, and did some practice for the talk. Honestly, I wasn't ready at all. How could I be ready in that kinda situation? I traveled to school. I got to class and got my computer, projector, and my slides set up. And then I was giving my talk on my topic. Everyone looked bored and I felt bad but my lecturers looked so interested in my topic. 40 minutes was gone and I was done with my talk but still had some questions needed to be answered. Before leaving the class my lecture kept telling me that I did really well. That was good but what I was expecting was the other around because I was too tired and so not prepared. Lolz it was just unbelievable that the feedback was very opposite to what I thought.

After that I had to call nz immigration service about my student visa. What I was asking for was student visa but what i got was student permit. I guess everything is sorted out now. I had my lunch after that and went for my COMPSIC732 class. After class, I thought I should have some relax so movie should be good since the tickets are also cheap on Tuesday. That's cool eh. I called and texted all my friends and after all we watched "Ringer". It is a good movie. We all were enjoying it.

Movie was finished and we had to head back home and now i'm here write this post heheh.Well, I'd like to call it a day now ^^ G'nite.


waz said...

stupid ass!!!!!!!
y u punish yourself like that? :D

p+k said...

What you mean bro? Punishment? It wasn't :p

miss_tda said...

haha..it wasn't such a bad day after all :D

p+k said...

No, it wasn't. It was great day actually :)