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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Just A Thought

Let imagine this person loves you so much and you are two in a relationship. He sacrifices everything for you, his time and his energy. He loves no one but you, he thinks about you every minute and he prays for you. He spends his all his years waiting for no one or nothing but you and he is always be there when you need him or when you are down. But you know how it feels like for him if you cheat on him? I know you might not know that feeling because you are not a victim.

If you can't visualize it in your head, try the other way around. Close your eyes and imagine if you love this person so much. He means the world to you. You forget and forgive how bad he has done to you, you sincerely appreciate everything he does for you and you are about to risk everything for him and one day you find him cheating behind your back. How would you feel about it? Hurtful?

If you are about to play or have played this game with someone who loves you, please think about it again because in the end when your colorful shell cracks and falls down that's when everyone turns away, he/she is the only one who will embrace you with love and compassion till forever.


samphors said...

Hum... Used to think about it, I never wish to be one though. But well, it's pretty hard to face such a situation. I don't know what would I do if it ever happen to me. It's just... er... ok, I'm scare, that's all.

p+k said...

You've been a long distance relationship for so long already right and you 2 still manage to keep it going which is really great and I know many couples in LDR for long and finally it worked out only a few that failed and failed in just a few months because I think there loves are just on the surface or ones might think they don't wanna get hurt so decide to let it go without thinking of their side. Maybe what I'm trying to say is being in a relationship 2 people should share their ups and downs.

Anyways, I've heard from Kaly a few times about your bf and it sounded he's a good guy so don't be scared.

Sopheak D.V. Loung said...

Hey! Kun. It sounds that you have a problem with your relationship again. Are you ok? Don't think too much! buddy. I like the meaning in the content. It is so romantic and sadness. It touches my feeling deeply when I read it. Be strong na. I'll help you out as possible as I can.Please msn or text to me when you are down. I welcome you all the time. Thanks. Cheer up! :)

p+k said...

Hey thanks for dropping by. I really appreciate your concern and help. I just said it in general :)

samphors said...

Yeah, he's good that sometimes I feel I'm not good enough for him. Anyway, Don't tell him I say this, ok? Cos he always tell me this is not true hehehe... Still scare though cos nothing is impossible :(

Well, I agree with u lolz...