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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Just wanna say this is the nite :) I just got home from drinking with my Cambodian dudes, Itt, bong Sang, and others. I know i should hit the bed now but nah it's worth bloggin' first aye. After along time we drank together and a week of being vegetarian, I ate meat like a wild dog. I planned to go vegetarian for 2 weeks actually but everything didn't seem encouraging because I had to eat subway everyday, vege delight, and there was no other choice :( After drinking like 3 liters of Jim Beam we were headed to the city for supper while some wanted to go to UpTown hehe but managed to go to Mandarin Seafood restaurant. The driver, Itt, drove like we were in a race or something, made a few handbrakes and I was like coool but they said I was scared maybe because I was focusing on something and it made me look like I was paranoid about the driving but no hehe. We drove back to the place we drank and I got my car driving back home. On the way, I wished I had 2 pieces of sticky tape that could hold my upper eyelids open but yeah finally i'm back home safe and blogging. We had a few arguments while we were drinking but it was good to talk things out and say sorry for the inconvenience we made. The best things was giving each other hugs after arguing and the sorrow and pain were washed away after all. Ok, I still have work tomorrow. It's time now so yeah good nite everyone, sweet dream!!!

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