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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Why Windows Sucks?

I personally don't like Windows for some reasons. After using for a while it's getting slow and at one point it gets very frustrating. If you talk about graphic, it sucks and the worst thing is it crashes from time to time. Whenever you need to jump on the net, make sure you have anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall software. However, it's not guaranteed that your computer is 100% safe from threats. The other day I was wondering what happen if I google "why windows sucks". I tried it and it came up with alot of items with that phrase or at least "windows sucks". Here are 2 of them which I found quite informative.
1. Why windows vista will suck
2. Why windows sucks


Hans said...

Yo p+k, that's definitely true. If only those emulators from Linux would be more reliable, then we could say adios to Windo$. We still need it's program. Would you be doing without a dreamweaver for a web page or a fireworks or an IM that can do video and audio. I tried so much to find equivalent applications from windows for linux but they're that good, lacking in features and still carrying the testing badge.

What are all the guys waiting to get serious about letting us have some good stuffs for Linux.

p+k said...

Yeah I know what you mean and it's true that we can't find that sort of applications on Linux yet.

Kenno said...

I've switched to Linux for months now, and 'm so happy with it. I wish that I could have done this for a long time ago.

From a Windows-user point of view, I agree with you that there are lots of applications you're used to unavalable on Linux, however from a Linux-user point of view, I can't find lots of nice Linux apps on Windows either; and this is even not included the costless apps.

Hans said...

@ kenno

hey won't sourceforge offer most of them? gimp, gaim, open office probably most of the apps from Linux are also available for windo$ but then not the other way round ;(

@ p+k
hey have you ever tried Lindos or emulators such as wine? Some distribution such as Xandros even claim to come with an emulator(paid ) that allow you to run popular windows apps. I forgot the name of that emulator but I think they are also available for other distribution.