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Sunday, November 26, 2006


Where to start? Umm... well the most visible thing is the hostel is so darn quiet and dead. I hardly see other people except my 4 flatmates and most of the time is Girishee. I just made another attempt to stop smoking again and try to cut down on drinking as well. I know it's not a good time of the year to take that actions but if we wanna do something the right time to do it is now, right now. Hopefully it works for the smoking but not for the drinking because lately I've been going out with my colleagues quite a lot and it's all about drinking.

It's like this all day long

Almost-empty carpark

Girshee greets me with Haka

For the closing of the post, I'd like to put this song on "Besame Mucho", means "kiss me a lot" by Andrea Bocelli. It's been my favorite song since the beginning of the second semester of this year.


Your #1 fan said...

Hi girishy! Hehe.. I love besame mucho too.. Reminds me of wine and happy nights.. hehe.. xoxoxo

Waz said...

an Indian oni!
(oni==evil spiritZzz in Japnese)

p+k said...

>your #1 fan: who's my number fan? ;|

>Waz: dude you're mean bro anyway lolz :D

MC said...

Eh, looks quiet bos ke menh...be careful guy, esp when u walk alone, hehe kidding!

Kenno said...

- smoking is bad, drinking is good. Get rid of the smoking, and keep the drinking. :P

p+k said...

>mc: what is "bos ke menh"? sorry i can't make a meaning out of it.

>ken: I was expecting you to say to me to quit both of them ehehe.

Sopheak D.V. Loung said...

I like this song the most. Dude. It is so romantic and touching. Your newly apartment is nice and quiet. It is good for hostel.

Anonymous said...

P+K, i just attempted to write Khmer English. Hehe maybe my khmer english is still poor that u couldn't understand...Will try to improve it first before writing next time. My apology. Anyway, I just meant ur apartment is surely real quiet.

p+k said...

> vireak: i don't think it's good tho. it's just too quiet.

> Anonymous: no worries.