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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Goat Island Trip

Yesterday I was part of a group that went to goat island. This was organized by the Malaysian student association (UMSA). We couldn't actually get to the island itself due to the choppy water & high tide, we could only see it across from us at the shore. However, it was not bad after all because we had a chance to do other things instead like going to other beaches, dropping by to see kauri trees, going on a bush walk, and most importantly having a lecture given by Dr. Floor Anthoni on marine environment, ecology and conservation. Furthermore, we had a chance to see his small homemade sustainable aquarium.UMSA group photo.

Read more about marine conservation at seafriends.org.nz


bex said...

I love the starfish!!! So cute :) Have a look at my video of the starfish moving...

miss_tda said...

wow nice island!