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Saturday, April 21, 2007


If you have read this post you might be able to figure out what "incomplete" really means. There was a fern in that little vase but now it's gone (dead) again. By saying again, I mean it's not the first time I couldn't keep a plant alive. Well, realize that I can't take care all those kinda things. Anyways, I took this photo with my tokina 28-70mm lense, which I rarely use it, with iso 1600.


Almong said...

lulu..i may know what you feel inside+with warm smile.
here two hints to encourage you, my friend. here's my poetic thought for you.

umm.. in a way-

the good flower dosen't angry to his betterfly becoz of staying with or not.

treasure your memory of her wispering steps of sitting on you first time.

don't try catching or embrace her too hardly becoz of selfish love.

just let her fly and see the other sides ..and remember to yourself keep smelling your own scent truly.
dose it mean "lost" feeling you have? i hope this is wrong. i wish i faild to read your entry's between the lines. coz i worried your pain. (hehe as you know moana's M for misunderstood..)

and plz looking forward another hint oki?!

**and by the way, isn't the plant playing hide and seek? or did you giv too much water?..u know im kidding to make you laugh:P

p+k said...

thanks for your advices :) I hope you're doing fine up there. take care.