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Wednesday, May 02, 2007



Kalyan said...

that's an amazing shot! how could u do that?

Anonymous said...

am "momo",
wow!! amazing 2!!
you are the real photographer indeed!!

really very nice shhhhhhhhhhot!!

p+k said...

>Kalyan: you just have to set the shutter speed high in this case it's 1/800 sec but in doing that you have to compromise the quality of the picture esp when the shooting condition is not so bright so the iso was 1600 as you can see the photo has heap of noise but my since my camera is DSLR the noise is not as bad as point and shoot ones.

>Momo: heheh not at all. Whoever knows how to set the shutter speed and a little patient can do this already. Thanks ;)

paolo said...

wonderfully timed, great shot!

paolo again said...

btw, I think you've made great use of blogger for your site--I've never seen it look quite as smart as this. (I tried and tried, and failed and failed.) V nice job :)

p+k said...

Thanks alot for stopping by and your comments. I saw your photoblog and all your photos are so nice and I really like them.