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Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Light of Knowledge

I shot this photo like a month ago. Don't get it wrong it's NOT photoshoped. I did this by projecting my table lamp light through a camera lens onto a book. The picture of the light bulb is then printed onto the book. I'm quite proud that I discovered this by myself. This concept has been used for overhead projector but I only realized this after shooting that photo.


Anonymous said...

umm..everyday is filled by discovery..

i watch dvd yesterday,it's calld the bride with white hair. so good! one critic said it must be the base work for kill bill. so nice!! i admire the main acting woman. recomemend it for you and becky^^

one more thought,
i really felt unsettled with the thought of living with other contry people. coz if you were born my contry, u really would understand only one united thought, just one nation. korean way of thinking and custom, culture..can't not be overcome and don't wanna..u can criticize me a frog which in a small well.but getting older means to get the most suitable place for self. me feel like finding the blue birds of insid everyday..lol u know this blue bird tale?

**above two are totally not related to your entry..sorry :P


p+k said...

I know how you feel. Of course, you wanna stay in other country other than your hometown there will be a lot of things to compromise and it depends on how much you can tolerate it. There's alway bright side and dark side of every story so along with compromises there are opportunities. I won't criticize you or anything and in fact going back and stay in your home country is not a bad thing either.

Meta said...

are you doing Objective C? really into mac, huh?

p+k said...

heheh I used to write only hello world application. that's all. it looks complicated to me. It took me like an hour to do it, including GUI and everything to get the application working. It's a bit of a problem because it's hard to find a comprehensive book on mac app development and tutorials on the web either unlike other programming language. Maybe i'll try to learn it more when I finish my thesis.

Are you wanna try it? Let me know if you decide to do Object C or mac development ok?

Meta said...

will try sometimes. i did look at it before but i don't really like its syntax. but yes, i like cocoa framework. will see if i can make a living with that...;-)

p+k said...

For sure, I can NOT make a living out of cocoa application dev here. the framework itself look complicated at first because it uses MVC model but i think it would be so handy if you develop large scale application.