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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pixel Art

Some of you might know that apart from photography, graphic stuff is also my interest. Lately, I started to get interested in another form of graphic art. I've seen it many times on the web and magazines recently. It's not something new though, you saw this kinda graphic in old video games like Super Mario. I didn't know what it was called and was wondering what the heck people would call it until a few days back while looking through a graphic design magazine and I saw it again and so I scanned through the text and then I found out that it's called pixel art. This evening I was googling to see some pixel art works and I came across this website. The author of this site recommends a tool called GraphicGale for creating pixel graphics so I decided to download the program and gave it a try and after like an hour I had a picture (my canon camera) as below.
What is pixel art anyways? Literally, you create it by drawing pixel by pixel. As Mark (the author of the site above) says it is time consuming and often difficult. Well, I think that's what most arts are anyways. They requires a lot of patience and effort.

10 times zoom of the picture above

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Anonymous said...

i see u re interested in this stuff^^ me a kind of very boring person not much techo & machine follower.
so!! hoply many comedic people around me and with the "peter jennings's gentle look"..

and asking me, a r u interested in knowing graphic stuff? yep sure^^ im definately opt to learn phhhhaaaaa:)

so qute camera indeed..

bex said...

oooh cool... is that the icon thing u were working on?

p+k said...