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Friday, May 11, 2007

Reverse Lens = Macro

I've been thinking of buying canon 100mm macro lens. This morning I was reading reviews and also looking at some sample photos taken by that lens on flick and then I found one guy's comment on one photo. He mentioned about reverse lens and a link to a reverse lens flickr photo groups. By the name of the technique I had an idea of doing it already so I started by detaching one lens of mine from my camera and held it the other way around to the camera and it worked. Thanks to those people out there and flickr as well. However, it is no substitute for lenses which are designed for macro photography because you have no control over focal length and aperture of the lens and the depth of field is too shallow (I tried with 18mm, 28mm and 70mm). At least it is something to experiment and play with and it can be used when you can't afford a macro lens. The above photo is a photo taken by my 50mm 1.8f (and here is another photo of the same subject taken from different perspective).


Anonymous said...

buy it! buy it! buy it!! ;)
me is momo

Anonymous said...

the lense and take photo of "she"---bbbbecky!

do ya like chinese movie? me recently follow it cozed from the chinese clinic i had been.hehe.

my favorite actress is "Gong li"-wow so amzingly charming and very inocent looking!
"to live" is the title of the movie i recommend for you and "she".
must see ya!!

the same person as above:P

p+k said...

I'm really poor I can't afford anything except food :(

Hehehe but i dont like Gong Li and don't ask me why :p

Anonymous said...

fast fast!! and save for the money! also u can lose some weight lol;p

the above

Anonymous said...

why don't you like gong li? me suprised you know her^^
tell me why?

p+k said...

i don't know why. it's just the feeling.

Tesseract said...

Yeah, they add a new dimension to your photography for so little money. I got mine on ebay.

Any idea what would happen if you did this with an already macro lens (or two)?

p+k said...

@tesseract: if you have a good macro lens, you wouldn't wanna use reverse lens anymore because I find it really hard to get on with it. THe depth of field is very shallow.

Not sure if you do it with macro lens because I still don't have one yet but I think it would magnify even more. Just it if you have it and see what it's like.