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Thursday, September 29, 2005

My Graduation Day

First of all, thanks to my friends- Bong Seth, Bong Thydy, Rith, Tra, and Waza (alphabetically ordered)- for this cute teddy bear in regalia and more importantly for coming over to join my capping ceremony and I want to say I really appreciate that. That's so nice of all of you guys.

I only asked these friends of mine to come over. Well, I didn't ask the girlz downstair and my sister because they were going to Tauranga for a trip so I didn't want to ruin her plan and decided not to tell them. They might have been mad at me when they knew it but I hope they were not mad at me after all.

Oh, I also got these txt messages from my beloved brother and sister.
My brother's:

Congratulation brother. I am very happy and nearly burst into tear.
My sister's:
You look so gorgeous Bong! Have fun ok? I didn't even know you were graduating today! but I still love you though! you look adorable!
Arent' they sweet? :)
For this post, I just wanna show my gratitude toward the people I mentioned here. I love you all. *Hugz*

Here are some more of today photoz: http://www.flickr.com/photos/26398206@N00/sets/1031404/


Kalyan said...


Hey you should hav told me before the day. Well, it's not too late! lolz..

so, u gonna go back to PP for good? for persuing for your Ph.D?

Anyway, the teddy bear is so cute! hope during my graduation day I wil be given this too hehehe... mayb i hav to buy here hery, cos i don think in cambodia there is such a graduating teddy bear. =(

seserak said...

All the hard work and all those all nighters are finally done.

You are now a graduate so it's time to celebrate and have some fun...

Congrats on Graduating!

pr said...

Congratulation, my Man.
Well done. Enjoy it as much as you can while it lasts.

BTW... the working world sucks. It's all down hill from here. That's what people say. Best don't believe what people say...hehehe

Kenno said...


You didn't tell me you were graduating at all. Well, I would have remembered/known that you were to be graduating this semester, but I didn't.

You asked me in the text: "Are you joining your friend's graduation tomorrow?", and I replied I wasn't going except going to take the photos with them at the Albert Park.

I was free, yet I wasn't invited to go to your graduationg. :( (How sad! At least, I could go there to take the photos with you)

You know, I didn't realize you were graduating till Kaly told me so.

Anyway, well done bro!

M|O|N|G|K|O|L said...

Congrats bro.. :) Was offline quite a while n only found out about this today.. All ur hardwork and sleepless nights really were not useless.. So proud of u...

p+k said...

Thank everyone. the word "Congratulation" made my day even happier. btw, I got back from trip with friends. It was fun :)

Well Kenno. I told you in class but maybe You didn't hear or something when xifeng said about cancelling class on the graduation day.

Anyways, you'll have ur graduation next semester, right? Then I'll have some photos with you.

...: y0uR LiL SiS :... said...

BONG...so PROUD of you!!! You deserved everything you have coming your way! Man *hugs* so proud...!!! So so so PROUD!!! Also, love your pics!!! <3 them all!!! mwah love ya!