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Saturday, April 01, 2006


I went to a vege shop, Fruitworld, this morning. After getting groceries I went to the counter and put 'em on the counter table. This girl at the counter looked at the groceries and glanced at me from top to buttom but then She was like "Oh, all green today" and smiled. Hehe first I thought she had a problem with me. I was wearing a green t-shirt and army-texture pants so somehow the pants have green hue tone in it and the groceries I bought were this vege, i don't knows its name, broccoli, and a bottle of kiwi juice. All in GREEN!!!


Waz said...

hey beeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Go Green!
how about underpantzz? r they green too? :P

p+k said...

Oopz forgot to check. Yeah, I have my green underpants on too, for real. Lolz.

Kenno said...

You should have said back to the girl: "Oh no, actually all green every day!" :D

waz said...

hey that's true...u always wearin green :D

p+k said...

Not always