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Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Man With No Identity

Apart from natural identities, I've been without any identity for 2 weeks now. I lost my wallet on the trip back to Auckland. There were my driving license, which is the most important actually, bank card, student id, gym card, 10 nz dollars and 30 us dollars, and other trivial stuff in it. Even worse, my passport is at nz immagration service waiting to be processed. I got a call from a guy who got my wallet he said he was gonna send me the wallet but it's been almost a week and i still don't get it yet *sigh* Well, it's no big deal. I'll just have to spend my some of my time and some bucks to re-make the them all.

I've been having bad time lately. So many bad things happened to me since the beginning of this year. It's like a curse or something. heheh can't blame on it. Don't know what to do though. I'll just do the good things and keep my figers crossed and hoping something good will happen to me and everyone around me.


Kalyan said...

wish u get ur wallet back soon. and may u encounter only good things from now on ;-)

dontWantToTellYou said...

The man without identity is Jason Bourne. Do you know his real name? Check it out at the The Bourne Supremacy.

StarFish said...

Man, if i were u i would go commit a crime and wouldnt get punished for it due to the fact that the police will be unable to identify the no-identity-man. Anyway u better act fast before the wallet comes back to u. :oP

p+k said...

Too late lolz. i got my wallet back already.