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Sunday, April 16, 2006

What a Long Day!

Even though it's a holiday, i had to get up at about 9am like i always do for school day coz I had to join lunch with my uncle, aunty and my granny. My granny just got Auckland from Melbourne for a visit but my uncle and aunty in-law are here, they stay in Tauranga. The lunch, but brunch for me hehe, started at like 12pm. We went for Yum Cha in Viaduct. The food was nice but the restaurant were damn crowded. After lunch, we went for a ride and visits some of my aunty in-law's relatives. Well, i was kinda boring for me and it took like hours. I was like when we had to go back *sigh* nah i was just thinking to myself. The worse thing is that they spoke the laugage that i don't understand. They, i mean everyone except me, speak mandarine, vietnamese, and including the chinese dialect that most Chinsese Cambodian people speak but what i understand are Cambodian and English. I was just sitting there and kept smilling. And my grandmom said how hopeless i am that i didn't learn how to speak chinese heheh i couldn't help coz i don't like it. After a few hours, they went back to hotel, skycity hotel, and they asked me to stay for dinner with them. I couldn't refuse even though i wanted to head home early. I was like Ok but i had to do one thing. I was my plan. I went to downtown heading for a bookstore because i was planning to get a Python programming textbook. After i got a book i got back to the hotel and then like half an hour later I went off to dinner at Denny's which close to the hotel where they stayed. There were 4 cousins. At first we are like strangers. We didn't talk much unless neccessary but after a while who knows we started talking and it wasn't boring anymore. This little guy is the cuttiest but every 10 words he says 5 are in chinese and 5 are in english lolz that was cute though and this girl, my other cousin, wouldn't stop talking. She asked me this and that hehhe. Well, they're all nice. While in the restaurant, I got a text from a friend of mind asking me to come with 'em for bolwing. Well, my day wasn't gonna finish soon heheh i knew. I said Yes and asked them to pick me up. After saying good bye to everyone. I jumped on my friend's car and headed off to Wairau park. There was heaps of my friends there boys and girls. We were playing a few games. The game took long because there were like 5 people in each lane. I was fun though i kept losing. I was good at first but nah the end my score was going down heheh. We were planning to go to Casino but the plan was changed and we decided to go to Thai club. Thought every club and restaurant would close at 12am because of Easter Sunday but nah maybe because we had New Year. The thing is that Khmer and Thai share most of holiday so is the New year day. I was wanting to get drunk tonite but i don't know why I wouldn't get drunk at all. After a few hours of drinking, there was a strip show. because it's a special they hired a strip guy and a strip girl exclusively for the club. Guess what, they girl came to my friend. I was like damn. After a few seconds, she came to me. I was like what was she gonna do to me. Not nervious but curious instead hehe. Guess what she was rubbing her b**bies against my face and then i decided to give her a spank *noti me* and she took off my glasses and put them in between her b**bies and asked me to take them back by my mouth. I was like OK hehe. After my first try I told her that I couldn't do it and she was like "oh boy, i know you can do it". ok i gave it a second try and then i made it. yeah that's it. It was NOT kinda sensual or something but i found it kinda fun in an amusing way. Half an hour later, we had to come back home because we had to go to pagoda at 9am in the morning. well, my friend dropped me off at the hostel at about 3am and I'm writing this post hehe. Well, i really should hit the bed by now couse have to get up early. Well, Happy Khmer New Year to everyone.


Omni said...

Good going getting those glasses back. ;-)

p+k said...

Lucky enouf that the glasses weren't too far down lolz.

Anyways, thanks for dropping me a line. You have a nice blog but i couldn't leave u a message.


waz said...

looks like i touched i a sensitive nerve since u deleted my previous post!

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