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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Little Poser


waz said...

i took pics of it too...but, hasn't posted them yet....
i think u scared him...i'll have to contact Green Peace to deal with you bla bla bla ze weather is good wtf!


p+k said...

Actually he ran to me and do the posing himself lolz. ze area is secure euh...

fabian said...

hu, thats the guy!
he attacked me yesterday on my way to work.
i was just walkin out of the door, when he lunged at me out of the blue, trying to hit my head. in a terrific evasion manoeuvre i could avoid him and he crashed to the ground close to me.
i left him lying on the ground, hoping somebody would step onto him and he would regret his cowardly attack.
aparently he made it and saved himself into your room, getting all the fame here now for nothing!
bastard. ^^

p+k said...

It looks like he is quite famous or notorious around here huh. Everyone knows him.

waz said...

did you not hear?
world famous in apt 40!!!!!!!!!