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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Be Socialized

I think Hans is right. The most socialable feature of Blogger is "next blog" button that takes you to a random blog in the Blogger blogosphere and it makes users feel they are totally connected with others, they're not alone. I modified my blog template just to personalised it and I deliberately block the "next blog" button. I didn't realized how important that feature was untill I read Hans's post "could blogger beat wordpress?", introduced by a link in Waz post. Being aware of the importance of the "next blog" button is, I put up that feature back on.


Hans said...

thx p+k for reading that article and found something nice to change about your blog. I appreciate it ;)

woooooo when I first entered your demeur, I thought that wasn't blogger.com too coolz the mod you made onto here ;)

I also modded mine there on wordpress to make it feel up to my taste ;)

Yo that mod you made on blogger.com, wouldn't you be working for blogger.com? or be developing something there? I also went with blogger but to mod it like this??????? how't that

p+k said...

I was gonna leave you a comment on your blog but hey you found mine already heheh. Thanks for your article and compliment.

Actually, up till now I have made many modifications already and finally come up to this one. but this one it's quite a big modification though compared to the previous ones.

That sounds cool. I wish I could but hehe I aint' good enouf yet.


Hans said...

That would still be fun and cool if you would shout out your words onto there, that would be a pleasure for me to welcome you there ;)

Hey dude talking about mods and things on this : would that be fun for you to mod the very own appearance of your computer ?