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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Configure Woosh Modem under Linux

I've been tried 2 linux distros (Fedora and Kubuntu) in the last 2 days (well, just for the sake of trying them out) on my pc machine (i386) The first thing and most import thing of all is to get my internet connection up and running. I am using Woosh nz isp connected using wireless modem. I thought it would be hard to set it up because it's not widely used and the technical support is only available for Windows and Mac systems only. I was googling and there I found what I really needed. [1] To configure the modem in Fedora is so easy. Just go to Network Configuration, create new connection and choose xDSL Connection and then just type in your username and password, that's set. [2] For Kubuntu, you have to fire up Terminal. Type in pppoeconf, which at first looks quite uncomfy for me, and then you have to answer (type in) a few questions, key in the username and password. That's all set! Oh, to active the connection in Kubuntu, pon dsl-provider and to disconnection poff.

1 comment:

aaron said...

hi, ty for ur help on this topic.
i try pppoeconf, but still cant get connected? what can i do? it says bad password but i did entered correctly.