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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Get Drunk & Get Educated

Different manufacturers use different ways to promote their products in terms of advertising, packaging, giveaway, etc. Tui has an interesting way to keep its consumers entertained while drinking by printing a quiz on bottom of each bottle cap. I never found it cool because it is about New Zealand history esp sport history. I mean it's boring because I never liked history papers. But until Saturday last week, when we were drinking, I picked up each and every cap coz someone wanted to answer the quiz. Yeah, mostly it's about sport history of New Zealand as usual but along the way I found these 2 questions quite interesting so then I would like to share. The first question is "How long does it take a sperm to swim 20cm?" and the second one is "What does a polyorchid man have at least three of?" Try to answer if you want. There are also answers provided. To see the answers, press Ctrl-a (for windows) or Command-a (for Mac). Enjoy!

1. One hour
2. Testicles


Hans said...

yo dude, thanks for Linking, I've also added you among my SquareLinkers ;)

yo tough question ;P kool you gave the answer. (otherwise should have timed the first one and for the second one should have searched for a biology book ;)

one hour? that's long ;)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p+k said...

Thanks for adding me. heheh if i had to guess i would have said 1 or 2 minutes.