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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Let's tag

I've been tagged by Hans to join the 7tubes game. I don't really know what it is though but here's the theme, list 7 songs that we have been listening to recently and tag other people. I clicked my iTunes' "Recently Played" smart list and here are the six songs from the list and one not from the list.

1. Breathing by Lifehouse
This song's in Lifehouse's first album but it keeps me coming back again and again.

2. Every Woman In The World - Air Supply
I got to know this song by a movie called slither.

3. Besame mucho - Andrea Bocelli
I stole this Guitarra Cafe cd from my dad. I played all the songs and liked most of 'em. but since I watched this movie (i can't remember the name), it made me like it more and more. The song is a featured song of the movie.

4. Poison - GTO OST
4 or 5 years back I watched this jap series with my friends back in Cambodia and something just reminded me about it. I jumped to YouTube.com and played it again.

5. Back to you - Bryan Adams
10 years ago, I played this songs again and again everyday and lately I started to bring it back.

6. Feel good inc. - Gorillaz
It was my last year favorite and it still rocks.

7. It don't matter - Donavon Frankenreiter
I know nothing about his guy and the song but I really like it.

I've done my part so here are the people I'll tag.
1. Kenno
2. Kalyan
3. Somonkol
4. Chanbopha


Hans said...

yo Pk, you did too well. That's just a 7 list and anything you want after this. Thanks pal for playing with us.

Hey Itunes, yeah that's my favourite music player also. But I've never yet tried out those smart lists. I just use it because it's way a whole lot more organised than WP or any other music player and the sound quality is too great rocking..but sure that consumes some resources. Hey Pk do you know about the Multi-Plugin for Itunes?

Yeah I can see some tubes i've been playing until my Itunes might get burnt: Feeling good from Gorillaz that's way tooo fun

p+k said...

Thanks for the plugin thingy, i'll check it out later. Anyways, iTunes is not the best one for me. Have you heard of foobar? it's the best. It's the most customisable music players I've ever seen. But sad coz I don't use windows anymore. I've heard about amarok but haven't tried it yet.

Kalyan said...

how to do that? wat is the point of doing that? sorry i dono much bout this. pls tel me more.

p+k said...

Just do it heheh I don't really know either but i guess it's about getting to know others by tracing back or it's just a thing to do for the sake of doing it.

Hans said...

thanks for the link PK, I'll try that one. Hey PK are you on Linux, Ubuntu I suppose?

p+k said...

Yeah, good guess but i know very little about Linux. You're using Ubuntu as well. We'll switch to Fedora when the core 6 comes out first hehe.

Waz said...

bro, you have been tagged!
see here

Chanbopha said...

Hi, thanks for tagging me. I'll try to check it out someday 'coz for now I do not know what it is for. :D