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Saturday, August 27, 2005

[Changed] Old National Anthem?

I found this on my old hard drive. As I recall, We were given before we went to Preah Vihea (a field trip organised by Chea Sophara before he was dissmissed from Phnom Penh Mayor position) I think I was told that it was our old national anthem but I am not sure because it was 3 years back while I was doing my study in Royal Phnom Penh University of Fine Art. So if anyone can confirm this, please leave a comment. Thanks.

[Added:] According to Kaly and Seserak's comments, this is not our old national anthem. My apology. I was mistaken by picking the corrupted information from my bad memory cell.


Kalyan said...

Oh My GOD! How come you don't know our national anthem??????

It is NOT the national anthem. Change the title pls....

Kalyan said...


here is the website to access to national anthem.

p+k said...

Hello... lady, I didn't mean it's our current national anthem. I mean the old one. I'm not sure it's the old one though. Thanks for ur comment anyways hehe.

p+k said...

Ok. Not to confuse people, I've changed the title, as you can see.


Anonymous said...

well don't know how many times we khmer have changed the anthem song so far, but I've gone through 2. The one during the 80s, sth. like [Polroat kampuchea chea kamlaing pdou pdach sachcha kamtech ors puork pachcha mith taing chet samaki...]. I sang it like 5 yrs, but well, this is the only part i can remember.
And sometimes around 1993, the anthem was changed to the current Nokor reach.
g'luck finding out whether it's one of the former anthems or not and if possible try to find out how many anthem songs khmer have n do post cos i'll b very happy to know about this as well :D

Kalyan said...

ah.... i have never known that this song used to be our national anthem.

I no its title is 'ពង្សាវតារខ្មែរ' I used to sing it too.

Well, let me try to find out too whether it used to be our national anthem.

p+k said...

I googled a bit but saw no others except the current one. Well, if it used to be then it's way way back or is it just a poem?

I like that piece of writting anyways. It mentions about the glorious period of khmer. But, well, look at cambodia nowaday.

seserak said...

Kalyan is right. That's a song called " Pongsavadar Khmer", not our old national anthem. Anyway, thanks for posting the song's lyric.Really nice, indeed. I've heard it many times on the radios as well as on TVs, back in Cambodia. But I just can't remember the lyric.

By the way, I have all the national anthems for each of the five regimes: Kingdom of Cambodia (1955-1970, and again from 1993-present day), Lon Nol's republic( 1970-1975), Pol Pot's Democratic Kampuchea(1975-1979), and People Republic of Cambodia( 1979-1986).

I'll post them on my blog sometimes if you feel like reading.


p+k said...

Thanks Seserak. Yeah, plz post all of 'em on your blog.

Cheerz bro.