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Monday, August 29, 2005

Mayor Drive

There's nothing special about this street , it's just where I walk pass every single day. I take an AUT shuttle bus (actually, I'm an AU student so shh hehe) from hostel. It takes 20 minutes normally, it depends on the traffic condition though. The shuttle stops at one bus stop on Mayor drive and I have to walk up to school in about 3-5 minutes.


Kalyan said...

oh people look! he's taking other school's shuttle bus! arrest him hahahahaha

p+k said...

:p As long as I stay in that school hostel. I'm allowed to have a ride on that shuttle and it's FREE hehe.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Kalyan said...

hahaha good luck then! i no u need it :p

seserak said...

Nice pics, nice Capture. Cheers!

Blogs By Khmer said...


ah, the winter scene. Pardon my ignorance. I saw on TV I thought over in america it is summer right now. how come in NZ is a cold winter ? is the wheather opposite ?


p+k said...

Yeah, because nz is in southern hemisphere and america is in northen hemisphere. If you come here in during Christmas, it'll be hot. That's why I joked with my friends that Santa didn't come here because it was too hot for him hehe.

Kenno said...

I walk through that street quite often when I go to the city. The weather hasn't been very nice recently.

Wanna see how it was like in the fall?
It was so beautiful.