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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Wake Me Up When The Winter Ends

I thought I liked winter because Cambodia is hot every month of the year. It's never been cold. The lowest temp is like 25c in January if I'm not wrong. But now it turns out that I don't like winter, even though it's not really cold in Auckland. I started to find out the pros and cons of things. Now, it comes to winter. I found loads of bad points about it and just a few good points that I can find.

First of all, I hate getting in the morning in winter. It's the thing I hate the most about winter because it's cold and I don't feeling doing anything at all. It's not just me but all of my friends are the same when it comes to this. Secondly, yeah it's easy for us to get a cold or flu. I haven't totally recovered from it yet. You know, when it's cold we have to find things to keep us warm, there are so many things, right, but all of them cost money. Well, things like buying more clothes, spend more power on hot shower and heater, and finally we tend to eat more in order to keep our body warm and most of the time we just can't help coz cold weather makes us hungry hehe. The sky always looks gloomy and sad. We can't go to the beach and more.
Well, good things about winter. I couldn't find many really. Snow sports like skiing and snowboarding? for me, i'm into it so yeah. The most obvious thing is the diversity in seasons. Yeah, diversity makes the world more colorful and different (from one season to another.) We see the snow, the tree leaves turn orange, the tree braches without leaves hehe. It looks cool thought. What else? I can't find more. Let me know if you have something to enjoy during winter.

After all, I like summer. It's nice and shiny.


pr said...

Nice shots.

Yes, I don't like winter either. I've been in a bad winter before. The kind that your ears hurt after 2-3 minutes. Not pleasant to go outside.

p+k said...

Yeah true.

Kenno said...

I like Winter! It keeps my head cooling down during the assignment time. :D j/k

Thom said...

thnks. YOur writing is well decribed. I never seen nor experienced winter before. The way you described, I think winter is more peaceful. You maybe prone to catching the cold or flu but that is sort of make you relaxed. The changing colour of leaves on trees, I can imagine, it probably so beautiful and how I wish to experience the sight of the splashing colours ! Sky is gloomy, that would really fit my mood. I would spend time inside reading and writing more.

From your writing, winter is for me. Summer would seem so chaotic. The sun comes out bright and hot. I'd be so lazy. What else to wake for if the sun is already so bright ?

Cambodian Thom

p+k said...

Thom, actually it depends how you wanna live your life. There's always dark and bright sides of each every single thing. So yeah, I don't have any objections to your idea.

Heheh for me, the sun DOES really keeps awake from lazyness.


Kalyan said...

well pp wil never b satified with watever they have. they always long for things they don hav now, and once they've got them, they look for others. haha... Does it make sense?

p+k said...

you're right kaly.

Kalyan said...

Cheers! ;-)

Blogs By Khmer said...

"... they always long for things they don hav now, and once they've got them, they look for others. haha... Does it make sense? "

Kalyan, So it is like you have got a boyfiend. Then once you got him, you're start looking for others :o)

hmmm... i am confuse.

p+k said...

Thom, i guess you're right lolz. heheh but remember one thing "you know don't what you've got till it's gone" U know what i mean, aight.