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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A Random Figure

I'm not good at drawing or anything but I wanna express something in form of visual. I sat around some random things just came to my mind so I started to draw the pictures of that things. I've been drawing lots of weird figures but this is the only I kept. Well, I should have kept them all.

You know what, when I try to draw like somthing i won't be able to mentally picture anything at all. That kinda things happen to me unintentionally only.

With this drawing, I started with rectangle shape (for the head) but at the time I started to draw I didn't know what I was drawing. From that, it was like my hand was guided heheh so yeah that's my drawing.


samphors said...

cool... i like it ;) wonder y my hand never guide me as urs hahaha...

p+k said...

Thanks, you're the second person who likes it.